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Face Tracker

Here is our Face Tracking test rig for an upcoming project! Welcome to our office. We are running a calibration test on our Raspberry Pi Face recognition and tracking system. Nathan will be our test subject. We are using micro server for Y Axis, and a regular servo for X […]


Environment Logger

Raspberry PI based local environment logger. For use for monitoring environmental conditions around office complex. Data Logs: 1M accurate GPS information Acceleration (to correct location data) Temperature Humidity Customer’s Proprietary Sensor We collect the information using an Arduino to manage the inputs and outputs, then process the information on the […]



Motorbike Themed PCB flashlight


Q Bot

Programming our Robot to do the gymnastics that Elementary children in Taiwan would do before and after class. This is step 1 of 10. We will be uploading more information about the assembly of the robot and the modifications we made, as well as the steps involved with programming the […]